Te marae o Rongotaketake - Redressing our Kahungunu History

Gifting of Lake Wairarapa

Te marae o Rongotaketake - Redressing our Kahungunu History runs until 3 September and fills the entire museum at Aratoi.

This is the largest exhibition of Ngāti Kahungunu taonga ever on display, with about 200 historical items sourced nationally and internationally for this large-scale project.  Highlights include a 7½-metre-long waka,  11 Gottfried Lindauer portraits of influential Kahungunu leaders and an intricately carved wahaika (hand weapon).

Make sure you see waka, wahaika, karakeke waistcoat, korowai (cloaks), cloak pins, hei tiki, hinaki (eel trap), shark tooth necklaces, calabashes, whale ivory amulets, pounamu spearheads, fish hooks, adzes, adze heads, and needles. Along the highest wall of the museum stands the entire front of a wharenui carved by Te Nahu Haeata.

The word ‘Rongotaketake’ in the exhibition title translates as ‘enduring peace’. The initialling of the deed of Treaty settlement between Ngāti Kahungunu and the Crown is will take place at Aratoi in late May 2017. 

The exhibition presents this Treaty settlement to both the iwi community and the public. Discover and relearn some of the key events that occured – the loss and disenfranchisement, as well as the iwi’s hopes and aspirations post-settlement.