Public Guided Tour of Stonehenge Aotearoa

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We recommend visitors attend one of our guided tours which provide a complete experience and is tailored to the weather conditions. ancient history and star-lore is the central theme of our tours which include tales from ...

Saturday 11 February 12:00pm
Sunday 12 February 12:00pm
Saturday 18 February 12:00pm
Sunday 19 February 12:00pm
Saturday 25 February 12:00pm
Sunday 26 February 12:00pm
Saturday 4 March 12:00pm
Sunday 5 March 12:00pm
Saturday 11 March 12:00pm
Sunday 12 March 12:00pm
Saturday 18 March 12:00pm
Sunday 19 March 12:00pm
Saturday 25 March 12:00pm
Sunday 26 March 12:00pm
Saturday 1 April 12:00pm
Sunday 2 April 12:00pm
Saturday 8 April 11:00am
Sunday 9 April 11:00am
Saturday 15 April 11:00am
Sunday 16 April 11:00am
Monday 17 April 11:00am
Saturday 22 April 11:00am
Sunday 23 April 11:00am
Saturday 29 April 11:00am
Sunday 30 April 11:00am
Sunday 7 May 11:00am